A Charter School Brings A Sense Of Entitlement To New Heights

When the New Heights Charter School applied for space for the 2019 to 2020 school year under PROP-39, they told the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) that they expected to serve 388.45…


Digital Assessments is the Ultimate Solution for Canceled Supplier Audits

Digital Assessments is the Ultimate Solution for Canceled Supplier Audits

With the business organizations adjusting to a strange new normal brought on by the coronavirus pandemic situation, owners are prioritizing societal well-being while ensuring business continuity. The secret to success during such tough times is increased focus on the health and visibility of suppliers so that they can give their best to mitigate supply chain disruptions and conduct quality audits. However, as owners are bound to follow the new travel restrictions and quarantine norms, they are unable to send their supplier auditors to various places for on-site supplier audits. This might expose the organizations to various risks, inhibiting business processes and making it difficult for organizations to remain affluent in the competitive space.

Supplier audit is a critical business task that allows owners to gain insight into codes of conduct, sustainability performances, and brand values for the compliance of the suppliers. While you cannot blame it all upon the organizations for canceling supplier audits during the pandemic, the organizational owners also need to understand the value of conducting these audits. Supplier audits help business owners to understand the actual reason behind any product-related issue and it is like having a great plan in place when things go the other way.

These are the ways procurement agents can help organizations remain stable in a disrupted world.

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