On the Shortness of Life

All we are given are a few days. A few days — and no more! As the NEEDTOBREATHE song goes, “We don’t get to be here long.” Life may appear long and tedious as it passes under our noses. But we look…


W12 has participated at Ethereum and digix.global meetings in Seoul

There was a discussion with co-founder of DGD Shaum Djie about possible tokenization of object rights to use and its integration into Blockchain Ethereum. We have also discussed the launch of new ICO start ups and DAICO model inside W12 marketplace as well as DGX participation in global stock exchanges.

The new competitor of Tether is to come in the nearest future!

By the way DigixDAO capitalization is more than 600 mln $ up to now. It is now the best time to buy up!

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