Why Meritocracy Is Problematic

Meritocracy is problematic because the winners and the losers believe they deserve what they earned. This makes the elite look down on those without degrees or awards and plant resentment towards the…


Getting stuck

I used to have dreams. When i was in middle school i wanted to be a teacher, well the reasons for it is unknown. Later on it changed, when i was in high school i want to be a lecturer instead. The reasons, again is still unknown. This goes on until i went to college, that is when i totally lost all of my dreams.

I totally forgot my dreams as i kept on trying to survive my college life. I stressed out for half of my college life. Its not anyone else fault but me, i am being negative, thinking i cannot survive being away from my family and lived with strangers for those 4 years. I focused on surviving those college years till i lost a few thing that are precious to me and one of it is my dreams. I know its dumb to stressed over things that i never knew the outcome was, but i did it anyway.

I used to think that things will get better once i started working and then i can help my parents and head towards success, but it was all only my good thoughts of a teenager. Things also get rough and tougher. I was forced to work due to family’s financial problem, to add it up i am not even interested to the work i applied and working for at all.

Now it has been almost 3 years since i graduated, and i am still stuck inside and out. I have been trying to get my dreams back but its getting further and further away. I know these might seems like i am full of negativity inside my head but i am still hoping that one day i could again find my dreams and passion that i lost.

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