A Charter School Brings A Sense Of Entitlement To New Heights

When the New Heights Charter School applied for space for the 2019 to 2020 school year under PROP-39, they told the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) that they expected to serve 388.45…


Stunning Saturday

Our autism journey

If I could have predicted it I did. Owen was up around three. He got into bed with me and I was so exhausted I just kept praying he would fall back asleep. That didn’t happen. He was off to the blue bed with his tablet only he didn’t stay in his bed at all and he kept coming to me to tell me he was going to stay in the blue bed. About five o’clock came the chocolate milk screams. I told him that I would get him breakfast in a few minutes but he needed to go to the bathroom. His first response was “no bathroom today” and I quickly informed him if there was no bathroom today there would be no room for the chocolate milk he requested. He immediately went to the bathroom. I fixed his breakfast and he told me “get your coffee”. I have to crack up. He then told me to “sit on the white bed”. He needs everything in its place and he wants me to sit. He was going to grandma’s house in the afternoon. So we had a few hours until we were leaving. He was ready to go but he also needed the time to do what he wanted. When we got ready he listened to me and helped get him ready but he still won’t put his socks and shoes on. We got ready to walk out the door and he reminded me “get gas”. I told him when we were getting dressed that we would head to grandma’s after I got gas. He was very calm in the car. He still was repeating directions and telling me the opposite things like “it is raining” and it wasn’t but he did great the whole way there. He had a lot of fun with his grandma and she said he was calm there too. He did great all the way home until we walked in the door and then he had a huge meltdown. I was able to talk him through it but it lingered for a few hours with him. He ate a huge dinner and bed was not far off. He was ready to go to sleep so he could get up to go to “church church church tomorrow” but it still took him a little while to fall asleep and I can only imagine what time he will wake tonight. Before bed, we practiced our breathing again, and hopefully, that is sinking in. I’m thankful for the maturity I am seeing in him. Find your strength and keep pushing forward. Remember you are a lot stronger than you think you are. Smiles to all and donut daze!

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