Contra el antipopulismo

Los conservadores y la izquierda populista adoran el antagonismo. Pero la democracia requiere a veces compromisos


DIY Mascara

Fascia is a shealth of connective tissue that encases bone, muscle, and joints. It is primarily made of collagen. Fascia not only provides stability, but also attaches, and separates muscles from internal organs. Depending on which definition you choose to follow, you have 2–3 layers of fascia.

Compared to muscle, fascia is tougher to stretch and move because the function is to hold organs and structures in tact.

Pain may result, especially chronic back pain. Muscles and joints may become stiff, and, according to some, may increase the appearance of cellulite. There is the added issue that fascia is difficult to stretch. Yin yoga and myofascial release massage focus on the stretching and releasing fascia tissue, but it is a slow, often painful process.

The Fascia Blaster is an FDA approved Class I medical device, considered to be low risk for human use.

It claims to:

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